About Us

At our drug addiction treatment center, we pride ourselves on providing clients with a full complement of different addiction recovery treatments. Part of the reason that each and every client who enters our substance abuse treatment center is given a customized care plan is because we recognize that every client is an individual. The treatments that work best for you may not necessarily be the best treatments for every other client at our facility. In order to provide each client with the care they truly need, we have a variety of treatments we offer to our clients to be included in their personalized care plan.

Some of these treatments are those more traditional measures that you likely think of when you think of an addiction recovery center.

These might include treatments such as individual treatment. With individual treatment, you’ll be assigned an addiction counselor. You and your addiction counselor will meet on a one-on-one basis. During these meetings, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any personal and private thoughts you may have about the recovery process. Thanks to the privacy of the process, this means that you’ll be able to share even your most private thoughts, knowing they are protected by the confidentiality of the situation.

Group therapy is another cornerstone of our addiction recovery treatment program.

Dual Diagnosis

Just like with individual therapy, group therapy will involve taking part in a discussion with a trained addiction counsellor. However, group therapy will also involve meeting with a number of your peers in our substance abuse treatment facility.

Individual Therapy

Together, you’ll share your stories and wisdom. You’ll be surprised by how much you can learn from your fellow clients, and you’ll be pleased to see how much you learn about yourself during these group therapy sessions. I

Group Meetings

In fact, many clients come to find that group therapy is one of their favorite aspects of addiction treatment.

Relapse Prevention Aftercare

When you’re ready to leave our drug rehab center, we’ll provide you with a full schedule of aftercare treatment plans.